Water Master Rafts


The Kodiak provides extra length for serious river floats while only adding a few pounds.
The Water Master Kodiak Raft is longer than the Grizzly, and features larger diameter tubes, a larger cargo deck, and a pointed bow and stern that each measure an impressive 54 inches in circumference. It is a kickboat built to handle larger rivers, heavier loads, and great adventures. The pointed bow and stern allow the Kodiak to move very efficiently through the water, without sacrificing the large “footprint” that allows all Water Master Rafts to track so well in heavy winds and currents. The Kodiak is a few pounds heavier, but every bit as compact as the Grizzly.


A little smaller than the Kodiak, the Grizzly is the boat we built the company on. Its smaller size is more suitable for small creeks and lakes.
The Water Master Grizzly Raft has been tried, tested, and proven on rivers, lakes, and salt water flats all over the world. This is the model we built the company on and it is still our first choice for smaller creeks and lakes. Weighing only 23 pounds and with the entire package at 40 pounds, this boat is extremely portable and can easily fit in the trunk of your car. The Grizzly has a carrying capacity of 500 lbs and can hold its own in the roughest of conditions, giving you the comfort, stability, & carrying capacity of a full size watercraft.