About Us

Our Story


Two college buddies had an idea. Head to Colorado to ski, bike & start an outdoor sports company. The move was easy, skiing was easy and finding single track was easy. Starting a business when the money got tight: Not easy. With reality setting in they both found “real” jobs and moved on. A handful (or more) of years later reality was no fun. With some needed experience, they decided to give the dream another shot.


Meet the Team  


Paul Saueracker:

Owner/Director of Sales & Marketing (Usually the guy doing head stands on a SUP on Evergreen Lake)

Bio: Coming Soon!

Marc Kopelman:

Owner/Director of Finance (aka the money man)

Bio: Coming Soon!

Aaron "Bogs" Bogdanovich:

Retail Store Manager/Shop Tech/Everything else

Bio: Coming Soon!

Leah "Lady Bogs" Bogdanovich:

Coffee Manager/Social Media/And all around nice person

Bio: Coming Soon!