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Evergreen Mountain Sports Bike Tunes

Bronze  ($60) 
The basics: Safety Check plus minor brake adjustment, shifting adjustment, lubricate brake/shift cables, lubricate chain.

Silver ($75) 
For frequent riders and bikes needing some much needed attention. Includes basic frame cleaning, brake and shifter adjustments, front and rear derailleur hi/low adjustments, wheel truing, drive train lube, bottom bracket and headset adjustments, hub inspection and basic adjustment.

Gold  ($120) 
Silver level tune plus in depth part cleaning. Give you bike the love it deserves! This tune makes your bike run like new again!

Individual services available apart from packaged tunes.


Ski/Snowboard Work

Hand Wax ($15): we use SVST Ultra temperature specific wax
Side Edge Sharpen ($20): Hand sharpening for a superior edge to belt sanders
Wax & Edge ($30): Hand wax & sharpened
Minor Base Reapir (P-tex): Quote
Epoxy: starts at $5


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