2017 DSP Dave Scadden Grand Slam | 11"x 36"x 6"

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DSP Grand Slam Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard SUP - 11' X 36" X 6"

Dave Scadden's Grand Slam 6" inflatable fishing board is simply a work of art on the water. Its industry leading, intricate Lazer cut EVA foam pad and acrylic coated graphics make an unmistakable statement that begs the question... How good are you? Most fishermen take pride in wading rivers, lake shores and ocean flats in search of bragging rights fish. Some take it to the next level fishing from a pontoon boat, raft, drift boat, kayak or canoe. There are a select few though who have already answered the call and taken their skills to the ultimate level... The stand up paddleboard. Dave Scadden has literally written the book on pontoon craft fishing over the last 29 years. Four years ago he began writing the book on fishing from a stand up paddleboards and hasn't looked back. The skills that are required to fish from a paddleboard are rewarded by more productive days on the water. You can see the fish and unlike a high profile boat the fish can't see you. It is almost like cheating. Whether you are fishing flats, rivers, lakes or the farm pond down the street once your learn the skills to navigate a board you will catch more fish than you ever dreamed of.
There is simply nothing like a Grand Slam!!


Lime Green or Gray deck pad available

 ( Fin, Hand pump, paddle, backpack included

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery especially during peak season. Please contact EVGMTNSPORTS for additional information.