2017 DSP Assault | 11"x 36"x 6"

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DSP Assault Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard SUP - 11' X 36" X 6"

For 2017, we've added some new components to our paddleboards. There are now three handles with padded neoprene covers for additional convenience and comfort in handling and traveling with your board. Our new fin system is a snap to use! Also, the board bag you will get is an updated roller duffel that can be converted to a backpack style bag, so it is extra easy to transport! Dave's Assault gets a upgrade with industry leading technology that makes the Assault better than ever. Its fully rockered multi-laminate rigid hull design and spacious deck make a forgiving board that still performs like a short board. The Assault will take an entry level paddler and turn them into a confident pro level paddler in a matter if minutes. With a class V whitewater rating the Assault is a beast on big water. It literally ravages big whitewater and does it with confidence. It is still agile and user friendly enough for ocean waves yet skims effortlessly across still water. If the wind comes up... no problem, the Assault eats 3 ft. whitecaps for lunch and comes back for seconds. There is no question if you want a board that will take care of you and boost your confidence through the stratosphere the Assault is your board.

Hand pump, fin, 2 piece adjustable paddle and roller duffel included

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery especially during peak season. Please contact EVGMTNSPORTS for additional information.