2017 HALA Asana Yoga

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2017 HALA Asana Yoga - Waterfitness SUP - 10' 6" X 34" X 6"

Inhale the prana of the natural world and flow across the water with the stable yet lightweight Hala Asana. Hala’s yoga SUP board gives yogis, fitness enthusiasts, and creative hearts the freedom to set their intention and satisfy their wanderlust. And as with all our Fusion Construction boards, you’ll receive a straight- to-water package with all the necessities to head to the water, including a paddle.

Hop on an Asana and connect with the self in a whole new way.

Quick Details:

+ Fusion Construction (Fusion Drop StitchTM) + Dynamic Board Shape
+ Glide Rocker
+ Pintail Shape

+ Stable 34” Base
+ 3 Point Rigging on Nose
+ 7 D-Ring Rigging Points
+ Croc Skin EVA Deck Pad
+ 1.5” Raised Stomp Pad
+ Two 4.5” Removable Gummy Side Bite Click Fins
+ One 8” Center Flex Fin
+ Floating Oval-Shaft Aluminum Travel Paddle Included + Travel-tough Rolling Backpack
+ Industry leading 3 Year Warranty


The Hala Asana has been finessed by Hala Yogi Athletes to create a unique experience. This board comes as a straight-to-water package so you can head out the door and into your adventure. With its stable 34” wide base, the Asana provides a platform where one can progress into the most advanced poses or simply sit and meditate while its dynamic shape keeps this board quick and agile on the water. The 3 point rigging is designed for an easy one handed stash of your paddle as you flow through your workout. This board also is referred to as the “Hoss for ladies” with its glide rocker and pintail shape for an all-around feel that glides across the water after your practice and 4 additional rigging points to bring your gear along. And the Asana is durable and lightweight thanks to our Fusion Construction. It’s all a priceless experience at a great value.


  • Glide Rocker
    Hala’s glide rocker features a mellow nose rocker, a flat middle for traction, and minimal tail rocker for optimized glide and speed. Yet, it keeps enough maneuverability for responsiveness in any environment. Feel the speed with our glide rocker. Learn more about Hala’s rockers.

  • ●  Fusion Construction (Fusion Drop StitchTM)
    This construction is made with Fusion Drop StitchTM material that is about precision and efficiency. We are able to use less material overall while utilizing a new manufacturing technology and maintain overall durability. Think lean and mean yet lightweight. Learn more about Hala’s board construction.

  • ●  Stable 34” Base
    This board has a generous 34” base to create stability and room to play without sacrificing speed.

  • ●  Dynamic Board Shape
    The dynamic shape not only is ideal for yoga, but also gives you the ability to cruise around the lake and even dabble down river to surf. Learn more about Hala’s boarad shapes.

  • ●  Pintail Shape
    A pintail provides increased glide, speed, and maneuverability for a more playful experience on the water. Learn more about Hala’s board shapes.

  • ●  Straight-To-Water Package
    Like all of our Fusion Construction boards, the Asana comes complete with a floating oval-shaft aluminum travel paddle and travel-tough rolling backpack so you have all the necessities ready to head straight out the door and into water.

  • ●  3 Point Rigging On Nose
    Our 3 point rigging creates a triangular bungee space so you can “one hand stash” your paddle and water bottle with one hand while in a down-dog.

  • ●  4 additional rigging points
    On top of the 3 point one hand stash rigging, we’ve added 4 additional rigging points. Triple reinforced D- Rings provide rigging points to strap on your gear and keeps it secure as you paddle.

  • ●  Croc Skin EVA Deck Pad
    The fusion construction boards have a deck pad that is smooth and gentle on the feet, while the “croc skin” texture provides grip and traction.

  • ●  D-Ring Rigging Point Under The Nose
    Use the towing D ring to tie up to a buoy or your yoga partner so you won’t float away. Or tow this board easily behind a support boat.

  • ●  Leash D-Ring
    A triple reinforced D ring is located on the back of the board to attach your leash onto. But remember, using a leash properly requires knowledge and attention.

  • ●  Stomp Pad
    A 1.5” stomp pad allows for precise control and maneuverability of your board.

    • Travel Ready Board
      A board that can go anywhere, this board packs up and rolls out with you. Combined with our Grafik Travel Paddle, you’ll have the ultimate, portable setup for adventure.

●  Designed in Steamboat Springs, CO
All of our products are designed right here in the Yampa Valley.

LENGTH 10’6” | 323CM

WIDTH 34” | 86 CM






    8” Center Flex Fin & Unbreakable Universal Fin Box Two 4.5” Removable, Gummy, Side-Bite Click Fins

    Straight-To-Water...It’s In The Bag!

  • Travel Tough Roller Backpack
  • Floating Oval-Shaft Aluminum Travel Paddle
  • Dual Action Hand Pump
  • Car Pump
  • Repair Kit

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