2017 Hala Carbon Hoss

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2017 HALA Carbon Hoss

Whether it’s gliding the lake, long expeditions or playtime with the family, you have the desire to do it all. So why not have a board that does as well? With Carbon Hybrid InflatableTM Construction and a glide rocker, you’ll feel the difference of the first ever performance focused all-around board that sets you up for success in any environment. This board is the perfect size those wanting a bigger board for stability or those looking to take longer expeditions, and is a great fit for our larger paddlers. So do it all, and to it well. Climb on the Hala Carbon Hoss.

+ Carbon Hybrid InflatableTM Construction + Glide Rocker
+ Large All-Around Board Shape
+ 8 D-Ring Rigging points

+ Diamond Groove 4mm EVA Deck Pad
+ 1.5” Raised Stomp Pad
+ 2 Removable, Gummy, Side-Bite Click Fins + 8” Center Flex Fin
+ Backcountry Rolling Backpack
+ Industry leading 3-Year Warranty

The 2017 Carbon Hoss is an elite, high performing, all-around focused board. The Carbon Hoss is larger than the Carbon Straight up, making it the perfect size those wanting a bigger board for stability and expeditions or larger paddlers. Our patented Carbon Hybrid InflatableTM construction gives this hardboard-like rigidity more than any inflatable on the market. Looking to go exploring? There are 8 D-Ring rigging points to strap down all your gear for an extended camping trip. And the glide rocker helps you fly along the shoreline as you tour. All this while having an all-around outline that is up for any environment and is responsive board in whitewater. So set out and excel in all arenas on the Hala Carbon Hoss.

Board Tech Details

We’re obsessed to deliver the best!

  •  Glide Rocker
    Hala’s glide rocker features a mellow nose rocker, a flatter middle for speed, and just enough tail rocker for responsiveness in any environment. Feel the speed with our glide rocker. Learn more about Hala’s rockers.

  • ●  Carbon Hybrid InflatableTM, Patented Board Construction
    This is not your run of the mill stringer technology. Unidirectional Carbon and fiberglass is combined with aramid fibers and compressed at 200,000lbs by an extremely high end machine in California. These boards have measured up to three times more rigid in flex testing than your standard inflatable.

    That means you get an inflatable board that performs like a hardboard, but still have the portability and durability of an inflatable. But don’t just take our word for it, get on a board and feel the difference! Learn more about Hala’s board construction.

    • All-Around Shape
      The outline of this board gives you the stability to feel confident on any water, with a sleekness that keeps you moving quick. Learn more about Hala’s board shapes.

    •  Larger Board Size
      The larger size of the Hoss makes it a sturdy board, supplying a stable platform and hauling gear and a great fit for our larger riders.

    •  8 D-Ring Rigging Points
      Triple reinforced D-Rings provide rigging points to strap on your gear and keeps it secure as you paddle.

    • ●  Leash D-Ring
      A triple reinforced D ring is located on the back of the board to attach your leash onto. But remember, using a leash properly requires knowledge and attention.

    • ●  One Front and One Back Rubber Handle
      Carry this board easily, with the help of a friend, to and from the water while all your gear stays secured.

    • ●  Foot index
      Located just before the stomp pad is raised EVA on your deck pad. It is a small, centralized rectangle so you can easily step your foot back to the center of the board without ever taking your eyes off water.

    • ●  Stomp Pad
      A 1.5” stomp pad allows for precise control and maneuverability of your board.

    • ●  Travel Ready Board
      A board that can go anywhere, this board packs up and rolls out with you. Combined with our Grafik Travel Paddle, you’ll have the ultimate, portable setup for adventure.

    • ●  Designed in Steamboat Springs, CO
      All of our products are designed right here in the Yampa Valley. To learn more about the Hala Headquarters and our awesome employees check out our halagear.com.

      1. BOARD SPECS
        LENGTH -  11’|335CM
        WIDTH - 34”|86CM
        THICKNESS  - 6” | 15 CM
        WEIGHT  - 32LB|15KG
        VOLUME -  348L
        RECOMMENDED USER WEIGHT Up to 350LB | 159 KG

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