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Capo SC-12 Donna Carbon Roubaix Knicker

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The Capo Donna Knickers' top tier Super Roubaix Carbon fabric features a tightly knit exterior finish with a brushed interior. More than just a soft layer against your skin, the loft helps to trap warm body heat against your skin. Additionally, carbon, knit into the Roubaix, effectively wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you dry.

In terms of fit, Capo designed the SC-12 for riders with speed and competition on their minds. You'll find that the construction is free from any unnecessary seams, to reduce chafing. The panels are cut on contours that are designed to adapt to your body when riding. For instance look at the panel extending over the quadriceps -- it is cut so that there is no seaming on the front of the knee. The panels are also cut along large muscle groups and they provide a little extra support when you ride. Additionally, Capo used a wide yoga-styled waistband. Besides being slimming, its front taper alleviates pressure on the stomach and bladder.

Now we all know that no matter how soft and well-fitting your shorts are, if you don't have a comfortable chamois, there is no chance you are going to get in those base miles without a few saddle sores. That's why Capo included its EIT (Elastic Interface Technology) Women's Giro HD Carbon chamois. This insert uses a high-density, open-cell memory foam, bonded to an anti-microbial micro-fiber layer with threads woven throughout. This means that 6mm and 8mm thick foam supports your sit bones while providing padding for soft tissue areas, and the chamois evaporates moisture leaving you comfortable.