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Capo Enzo SF Glove | Black | Medium

Short-fingered gloves are by no means a must-have, in the realm of essential cycling gear, as the preference of wearing them on warmer rides tends to dramatically vary from rider to rider. A quick glance through the pro peloton will confirm this, as you'll notice some riders wearing, and others without gloves -- even on the daylong, bone-jarring Spring Classics. Understanding highly varied rider opinion, Capo took an entire year designing and perfecting their Enzo SF Cycling Gloves to appeal to even the most finicky cyclist. The body of the Enzo SF Gloves is constructed using Capo's instantly-comfortable Enzo fabric. It's the same fabric used in their Roma jersey, and Capo takes advantage of the fabric's durability, lightness, and shape retention. On hot rides, Enzo will help the glove breathe and dump excess heat, but will hold that heat as you set out on cooler mornings. The palm of the Enzo glove utilizes Clarino -- a reliable synthetic leather that follows the same themes of breathability and comfort as the Enzo fabric. Stitched into the Clarino are carefully spaced dual-layer foam pads to relieve pressure on the ulnar nerves and dissipate road chatter in the bars without trapping airflow. But more importantly, the Enzo Glove is the sum of its parts, balancing a fine line between that sublime feeling of bar control, while still housing enough subtle padding for the longest of afternoon rides. The Capo Enzo SF Glove uses a hook-and-loop closure in the wrist, and pull tabs sewn into the fingers to facilitate simple removal. It available in Black, size Medium

Material: [back] Power Lycra, [palm] clarino, dual-layer foam
Closure: hook-and-loop
Padding: dual-layer foam
Recommended Use: spring, summer road biking, training