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Capo Padrone SL HiVis Mens Short Sleeve Jersey

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New Capo Padrone SL Jersey | Short Sleeve | Black | Men's 

Riding defensively goes far in avoiding catastrophe but when your safety is subject to other road users, reach for the top-of-the-line Capo Padrone Hi Vis Short Sleeve Jersey for an extra level of safety. Headlights bounce radiantly off the jersey, which becomes super reflective when artificial light hits, but stays a matte gray in natural light.

The jersey's high visibility comes from Super Black Membrane, which gains its luminescence through a process that bonds finely crushed glass crystals to fabric. Adding to that, the P-10 Membrane, a perforated membrane designed for enhanced visibility in low light conditions, features 360° reflectivity and all-way stretch for freedom of movement. The jersey gains comfort and breathability from both HSC Lycra Meryl ActiSystem, a high-gauge, lightweight microfiber offering a balanced, multi-directional stretch and effective UV protection, and Dual-ply Power V, a combination of HG Lycra and supple V Mesh 360 bonded together and laser cut for unmatched support and comfort.

The Italian-made Capo Padrone Hi Vis Short Sleeve Jersey is what to wear when the ride doesn't end when the sun goes down.