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Capo SC-12 Leggero Jacket

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Capo Men's SC-12  Leggero Jacket

Ever ask yourself what happens when you combine cutting-edge technology with purebred Italian cycling heritage? Well, the answer is the Capo SC-12 Leggero Jacket. Emphasizing American know-how, while incorporating the spirit and craftsmanship of Italy, the SC-12 Leggero Jacket bridges the Atlantic to provide the ultimate in winter cycling apparel. Capo's SC-12 Leggero jacket falls under what it calls its Super Corsa Series. Designed to don the bodies of the cycling elite, Super Corsa places an emphasis on compression, comfort, materials, and above all, warmth. So, towing this line, the SC-12 was constructed from a blend of Capo's fabrics -- Element-4 and Thermo Roubaix. Starting with Element-4, this material strikes the ideal balance between insulation and breathability. Operating as a membrane between the skin and the elements, the fabric regulates the internal temperature of the jersey by releasing excess heat between the material and the skin. But mainly, this system promotes warmth by keeping you dry.

Capo's Leggero Jacket  uses Element-4 windproof membrane on the front and Thermo Roubaix stretch panels on the back to deliver light weight protection from the cold and rain.

Windproof Rating:
full-length front zipper
[body] Element-4, [panels] Thermo Roubaix
Recommended Use:
winter road cycling