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Capo Pursuit HiVis Thermal Jacket

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Serving as a jacket with a particularly diverse breadth of conditions it can handle, Capo's Pursuit Thermal Jacket is ready for nearly any weather. The problem is, weather isn't always your only problem. Sometimes, it's the cars and trucks that fly by mere inches off your shoulder, especially once the sun goes down. When traffic is a concern, along with everything else, it makes sense to opt for the Capo HiVis Pursuit Thermal Jacket, which appears black but actually has a layer of crystalline dust laminate integrated into it for incredible reflectivity at nighttime.

The Pursuit Thermal Jacket is part of Capo's Corsa series. This series shows the level of Capo's dedication to all things Italian and cycling, which is why Italian fabrics are used in all of the pieces in the series. The Thermal Jacket is constructed with Micro Quattro Fleece and a Brick windproof membrane. The Quattro fleece has a soft, brushed inner layer that insulates against the cold by holding the warmth your body produces in its fibers. This brushed layer also makes the jacket comfortable to wear next to your skin when you want pair it with a short-sleeve jersey.

The wind-blocking Brick membrane throughout the Pursuit Jacket is what makes it a go-to for winter riding. Though heat retention properties in a jacket are necessary for warmth, the Brick membrane keeps crisp air from penetrating the jacket, and sucking away your body heat as you descend hills and wind your way through country roads.

Features of the Capo Men's Pursuit Hi-Vis Thermal Jacket

  • Traditional European style patterns
  • Balanced compression
  • Supple textures
  • Effective moisture transfer
  • Freedom of movement
  • Muscle stability
  • Increased breathability
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Power Lycra
  • Circular knit construction
  • Silver
  • V Mesh 360
  • Elastic Interface Technology