HALA High Pressure Electric Pump

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This portable, high-pressure electric car pump is great for inflating your inflatable SUP. Plug it in, set the PSI you want, crack open an adult beverage and wait for the pump to do the work.
There is also a “set it and forget it” PSI gauge – pump shuts off when it hits your target PSI. Inflate with engine running for shorter inflate time.

(1x) 12V cigarette lighter plug-in
(1x) 12V battery cables

Expert Tips for even FASTER inflation:

  • To kick the pump into the second stage faster, allow the board to begin inflation for a few minutes. Then, stand on the board to change the pressure within the board and “trick” the pump to kick it into the faster (and louder) second gear. You’ll hear and see the difference.
  • Or, simply turn the pump on and hold your hand over the nozzle before attaching it to the board. This will also “trick” the pump into thinking it’s reached a higher pressure. You’ll hear it move into the louder second stage. Then, attach the nozzle to the board and watch it fill to your preset PSI. Hala!