Navigator® Flipfins - The only fin to use on your pontoon or float tube

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Flipfins® are patented, award winning, high-performance scuba fins, swim fins, rescue fins, Special Forces fins, diving fins as well as fins for float tube and pontoon fly fishing. The world's only Fins that provide total mobility in and out of the water.

When fly fishing from either a Float Tube or an inflatable Pontoon boat, Navigator® fishing fins are the most important and indispensable accessory. These ultra-lightweight and neutrally buoyant float tube fins will provide the maximum distance with minimum effort and best maneuverability. The best float tube fin design ever done!

Navigator® Flipfins are uniquely designed to be strapped on prior to entering the water and removed after exiting. They allow fishermen to move freely on land, bring equipment to the shore, easily get into a float tube and do other necessary movements. No more tripping over when walking backwards or "duck-walking" to the shore. Getting in and out of float tube or pontoon with Flipfins® is easy and without worries of breaking an expensive fly rod, as in the case of donning conventional fins on. Easily move in shallow water or walk over a sand bar without removing fins.

A two-piece fin brought together by a special and durable Aqua-Hinge™ allows the webbed blades to fold up out of the way to allow full mobility out of the water and click down with a set of kicks once in the water. This can also be done by pressing the blade down with the back of the heel until fully locked.

Navigator® central web configuration contributes to increased propulsion and reduces load required during sustained kicking, while providing maximum power and best comfort at the same time. Fins boot portion is designed to fit variety of wading boots or stocking foot waders.

With Navigator® Flipfins you get the ultimate performance that will allow you to enhance your fishing experience. Available in Large and X-Large sizes.

Here is what some of the top industry pros have to say about Navigator® Float Tube Fins:

•   Patented Flip Fin design allows fishermen to easily move on land and in water

•   No more tripping over when walking backwards or "duck-walking" to the shore

•   Getting in and out of a float tube or a pontoon with Flipfins® is easy and safe

•   Easily move in shallow water or walk over a sand bar without removing fins

•   Blade's design offers the unbeatable performance and efficiency with minimum effort

•   Maximum propulsion

•   Ultra-light weight (X-Large 4.4 Lbs/1.8 kg) and neutrally buoyant

•   Large, comfortable foot pocket designed to fit a wide range of boots and waders

•   Raised slip resistant thread design

•   Adjustable rubber straps with a large loop and quick release buckles

•   Tested and endorsed by professional river guides and fishermen