DSP Dragonfly XTC3F

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Dave Scadden's new Dragonfly  XTC takes fly weight fishing craft to the next level. The new XTC is loaded with useable features that exude performance and comfort.  Dave's exclusive rockered hull design is self-bailing for big water confidence and performance.  It is equipped with his exclusive inflatable rigid "dry ride" insert floor system so you can stand and sight fish with confidence. 

It is shown with optional side pockets that double as coolers and has built in rod holders, oar rights, Dave's hot new directional blade adjustable oars, front lean bar, lean bar stripping basket, rear motor mount , through-the-frame easy pull anchor system, adjustable 2 inch cushion seats and three station GoPro camera mounting system.

The best part about this boat is that is weighs in under 100 lbs.   It  slides easily into the back of a pick-up or utility trailer and  fits into two travel bags that can be checked on as luggage and flown to Alaska.  Of course it can be set up for one person two person and three person use in minutes for the ultimate in versatility.

It is 12 ft in length, 4 ft in width has a 1400 lb capacity , class V whitewater rating and is covered by the only unconditional lifetime warranty in the industry… just what you would expect from Dave Scadden!


Length: 12'
Width: 52"
Diameter: 16"
Weight: 98 lbs.
Weight Capacity: 1400 lbs.
Frame: Lazer-Lok
Frame Material: Alcoa 6160 T65
Pontoons: Bladderless
Floor: 6" inflatable multi-laminate rigid floor insert
4300 Denier self-bailing floor
Oars: Alcoa 6061 T65
Oar Locks: Rack & Pinion
Seat: F16
Anchor System: Thru the Frame
Whitewater Rating: Class V
Warranty: Lifetime


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