DSP Stingray Kayak 250/330

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Dave Scadden's 2017 Stingray Kayaks set a new level of performance in the inflatable kayak world. The new one person 250 and hot new one person/ two person 330 feature Dave's exclusive rigid inflatable floor system for superior levels of performance. Combined with a slight off camber mid section and elliptical fully rockered twin tips this boat excels in both flat and whitewater alike.
New fully adjustable EVA foam seat system allows for extreme comfort and the ability to go from a super high performance one person boat to a cool two person boat in seconds on the 360.
The new Stingrays bring super high performance plus the added bonus of light weight and portability to the kayak world. They are also the only kayaks in the industry with Dave's exclusive lifetime warranty.

*Stingray 250 1 Person

*Stingray 330 2 Person


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