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The River net is Native Net's biggest "carry" along landing net and is one of our best sellers. It has our standard trout head logos hand burned on them. Most commonly purchased by guides and people who fish everyday in different waters. These nets are very versatile. A bigger sized rim and deeper bag allow easy landing of big fish without being to big for all those other guys. The longer handle is good for carrying this net in your belt and give you a good amount of reach for those tough fighters. We can promise that this will be the strongest net you have ever held and will most likely be the last! The “River” net has the same two options as all our nets, a light colored (ie. Maple) or dark colored (ie. Walnut) wood handle. EACH net is handmade and 100% unique. We all know, to be a good “hand lander” is something to be proud of, but pick up a Native Net and make your task of landing those fish (and their fight) just a little bit easier. And do it with some style! As all our nets do, the River net comes with a full lifetime warranty on all woodwork. 

Basket size (approx): 15" - 16.5" wide x 18.5" x 20" long

Handle length: 14" - 16" long

*****Uses Native Nets Extra Large sized replacement rubber net bag*****