Dave Scadden DSP Rampage Lo Pro R

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The Rampage R is last word in pontoon boat performance. It is a full size pontoon boat with a class V whitewater rating, 1,300 pound capacity yet weighs under 40 pounds and fits in an airline specific 32x12x20 roller duffel. After countless hours of design work and engineering, the Rampage began to take shape. With specific goals in mind; size, shape, capacity, capability and performance, the boat of the future was soon on the water. Dave’s sixteen year quest to produce a full line of self contained, high performance, frameless pontoon boats has finally become reality. Starting with the new Escape and evolving into the Renegade, Challenger and now the Rampage. The sport of pontoon boat fishing and play boating just became a whole lot simpler. “Simple” is the key word. Simply take the Rampage out of its roller duffel bag, inflate it in less than two minutes with a 12 volt pump and toss it in the water. It’s that easy and you won’t sacrifice performance in the process. Matter of fact, performance just went through the roof. Weighing in at less than half the weight of its framed bretheren, the Rampage is a Lamborghini on the water. The rigidity gained through Dave’s patented Unitrac pontoons create a platform that is twice as rigid as a framed double pontoon boat. Throw in the fact that this boat can be lifted with one hand and I think you catch the vision. It is effortless to row this boat. It literally runs circles around framed boats. Testing on some of the toughest water on the planet had proven just how good the new Rampage really is. This boat is five air chambers of rigidity that knifes through raging whitewater and laughs at four foot whitecaps. It is just at home on the bonefish flats of the Yucitan or the redfish flats of Aransis Pass Texas. The new Rampage redefines portability and high performance.


Specifications: Length: 10'6" Width: 64" Diameter: 16" Weight: 38 lbs.

Weight Capacity: 1300 lbs.

Frame: Frameless

Frame Material: Frameless

Pontoons: Bladderless

Oars: Alcoa 6061

T65 Oar Locks:

Rack & Pinion Seat: F16

Anchor System: Optional

Whitewater Rating: Class III

Warranty: Lifetime Against Manufacture Defects

Double action hand pump, 2 side pockets, seat, aluminum oars and all components included.

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