DSP Outlaw Rampage

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DSP Outlaw Rampage Frameless Pontoon Watercraft

    • Class-V whitewater rating
    • 1,300-lb. capacity
    • Weighs less than 40 lbs.
    • Fits into an airline-approved roller duffel
    • Patented Unitrac bladderless pontoons
Imagine a full-size pontoon boat with a class-V whitewater rating and 1,300-lb. capacity that weighs less than 40 lbs. Impossible? That’s what they told Dave Scadden. He took it as a challenge and created the Rampage. Engineered with specific size, shape, capacity and performance goals in mind, this frameless pontoon defines a new standard of what is possible. Use a 12-volt pump to fully inflate the boat in less than two minutes and you’re ready to go fishing. Weighing less than half the weight of a framed pontoon with the same level of performance, the Rampage maneuvers like a sports car on the water. Effortless to row, it swims circles around framed boats, knifes through whitewater and easily tames four-foot whitecaps. Patented Unitrac bladderless pontoons with five air chambers create a platform that is twice as rigid as a framed double pontoon boat. Don’t forget the fact that the whole boat can be lifted with just one hand. Comes with two 6-ft., two-piece oars. Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
Made in USA.
Weight: 38 lbs.
Weight capacity: 1,300 lbs.


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